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GRFGraph (File Name Extension)
GRFGeneral Revenue Fund (United States)
GRFGeneral Revenue Fund (Canada)
GRFGraduate Research Fellowship (various organizations)
GRFGraph File
GRFGrowth hormone-Releasing Factor
GRFGlaucoma Research Foundation
GRFGerald R. Ford (38th President of the USA)
GRFGround Reaction Forces
GRFGlobal Relief Foundation
GRFGeneral Reserve Fund (various organizations)
GRFGaussian Random Field
GRFGunma Rock Festival (Japan)
GRFGraphics Resource File
GRFGeneral Receive FIFO
GRFGlobal Response Force (US Army)
GRFGlobal Reference Frame (3d-Kinematics)
GRFGraduated Readiness Force
GRFGeneral Register File
GRFGovernment Recreation and Fitness (military recreation magazine)
GRFGuaranty Reserve Fund
GRFGoes Real Fast
GRFGlobal Reaction Force
GRFGolden Rule Foundation
GRFGroup Registration Form
GRFGuardrail Relay Facility
GRFGiant Rat Fest (polite form)
GRFGerman Rebel Fighter (gaming clan)
GRFGlomerular Filtrate Rate
GRFGround Relay Facility
GRFGroup Report Finance
GRFGospel Radio Fellowship (Glasgow, Scotland)
GRFGross Recurring Fee
GRFGas Receiving Facility (energy industry)
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These variables were chosen as the most relevant components based on previous research on GRF during running (Cavanagh and Lafortune, 1980; Keller et al.
For example, during a forward trip, the backward-directed component of the GRF, acting on the tripping leg, passes posterior to the COM and contributes to the forward angular impulse about the COM (Figure 1).
2007) utilized a more traditional test-retest method, called the intra-class correlation (ICC; see Methods), to examine the stability of selected GRF variables (peak force, impulse and rate of force development) in nonconsecutive landing.
The following kinetic parameters were analyzed: magnitude of the first peak of the vertical GRF, peak fore-aft acceleration GRF, peak fore-aft deceleration GRF, peak ankle plantar flexion moment, peak ankle dorsiflexion moment, peak ankle power absorption, peak ankle power "generation," peak hip power absorption, and peak hip power generation (Table 3).
The dependent variables included peak GRF, loading rate, leg stiffness, and mean rectified EMG of knee extensors/flexors at prelanding, impact, and push-off phases.
The mean maximum GRF for the 42 performed vertical jumps landing en pointe was 531.
Islamabad -- Significant majority (77%) of Pakistanis are fond of their names say GRF polls.
Contract awarded for (Tender RefNP/COMM/47/15 and GRF NoCOMM/15/0042)Production and Delivery of Corporate Gifts and Souvenirs