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The map "clearly shows that biofuels production and policies are no longer limited to the United States and Brazil, but have spread to numerous countries that are struggling to reduce [greenhouse gas] emissions and reduce their reliance on crude imports," said GRFA spokesperson Bliss Baker.
"With transportation responsible for 25% of the world's GHG emissions and rising, it is critical that biofuels form the core of any future mitigation strategy in this important sector," said Bliss Baker, spokesperson for the GRFA.
In order for biofuels to play a meaningful role in climate change strategies the GRFA has proposed the following path forward:
The GRFA is calling on all governments to adopt biofuels friendly policies in the transport sector, and wherever appropriate, binding targets, in order to encourage the move away from the world's dangerous addiction to oil.
The GRFA is calling on all governments, international bodies and academia, to take into account the increasing efficiency of global biofuels production in developing policies as opposed to relying on out-of-date data and outdated arguments.
The GRFA continues to call on the World Bank, the United Nations and other international bodies to increase investment in the agricultural sector of developing nations and to support expanded biofuels production in these regions.