GRFRGolden Retriever Freedom Rescue (est. 2001; Denver, CO)
GRFRGrand Rapids Foam Rubber (Michigan)
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Figure 3 shows the species number of each sampling area at 394 individuals cut-off point that revealed GRFR had the highest estimation of average species number with 124.2[+ or -]7.6 species, followed by PTB (93.3[+ or -]8.16 species), PSB (80.0[+ or -]3.3 species) and PTM (75[+ or -]0 species) (Table 3).
Gradient of species change from PTM (limestone) to GRFR (granite) sites, implied significant influence of environmental gradient on tree species composition.
It is apparent that sampling plots of PTM are located on the extreme left of DCA axis 1, whilst the plots of GRFR are located on the far right of the ordination, reflecting the long environmental gradient showed by the value of gradient length of axis 1 (6.154).
The island size (k[m.sup.2]) of this study in descending order was GRFR > PTB > PSB > PTM, of which the area of GRFR is 365 k[m.sup.2], followed by PTB (17.45 k[m.sup.2]), PSB (11.38 k[m.sup.2]) and PTM (7.1 k[m.sup.2]).