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While there are many factors that may influence injury rates, ground reaction force (GRF) has become of interest due to its presumed role in the overuse injuries that are common in ballet dancers.
We hypothesized that both fatigue protocols would alter GRFs, joint mechanics, stiffness and energy absorption.
Besides, peak vertical GRFs of paratroopers were 11.06 times of BW (SD [+ or -] 0.96) compared to 6.49 times of BW in hoopsters (SD [+ or -] 1.19).
Mueller-Roeber, "Growth-regulating factors (GRFs): a small transcription factor family with important functions in plant biology," Molecular Plant, vol.
GRFs during gait performance including reduce anteriorposterior forces production [12], lack of medial-lateral forces production, and lower peak of vertical forces [13].
Moreover, the GRFs are considered weakly stationary.
As reported in previous papers, many methods to estimate GRFs have been proposed other than Newtonian mechanics.
Applying the joints trajectories and the GRFs on the model developed in Section 2.1 using ID equations proposed in Section 2.3 will generate the net joint torques, as in Figure 10.
Green revolving funds (GRFs) are internal financing mechanisms that issue loans to support clean technology and other sustainability projects that generate monetary savings.
In contrast, Global Response Forces (GRFs) are the designated Joint GRF that maintains a 24/7 global mission to deploy anywhere in the world within 18 hours, as well as the other service retained units that are required to stay intact and at a high states of readiness.
An AMTI forceplate was used to measure ground reaction forces (GRFs) in order to define initial contact.
In the present article we use Gaussian Random Fields (GRFs) for modeling paper formation and, following the suggestion made in Xu (1996) and Lien and Liu (2006), a Fourier approach is applied for computing characteristics of paper formation.