GRGMGlobal Rice Gene Machine
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Namely in the complex optimal control theory of big power systems (PS) and interconnected power systems (IPS), this approach has been implemented most widely and efficiently for solving hierarchic sub-problems of optimization within the framework of the so-called Generalized Reduced Gradient Method (GRGM) where, in addition to the implicit functions theory, a rational choice of a basis is used (i.e., the composition of the components of vectors of dependent and independent parameters) for speeding up the finding of an optimal solution [9-11].
In the Baltic-German-Portuguese joint project within the framework of the Copernicus program, a basis was laid for the generalization and development of GRGM providing the Pareto optimal correction of so-called trans-national equilibriums (determined by a certain free market mechanism) of IPS (first of all the Baltic IPS with its interstate dispatching center DC BALTIJA located in Riga) in behalf of all the partners under their certain consensus conditions [6-8].
In the calculations the respective development of GRGM within the programme set KORONA at the disposal of SC BALTIJA was used [5,6].