GRGSGroupe de Recherches de Geodesie Spatiale (French: Research Group of Space Geodesy)
GRGSGreat River Genealogical Society (est. 1974; Illinois)
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Grey relational grade (GRG) calculated by using eight values obtained from principal component analysis of quality parameters showed that S6 (0.690) was the honey with the highest quality, while S16 (0.501) was the honey with the lowest quality.
Grey relational grade (GRG) which is calculated by simple mathematical operations and is easy to interpret, can be used to choose good and poor examples in individual comparisons especially in quality analyses.
Grey relational analysis is used to determine the relationship between the series in grey relational grade (GRG).
Step 4 Determination of GRG. After the grey relational coefficients are got, the mean of the coefficients is often used as the GRG.
LOFAR is an effective tool to find new GRGs like this one because of its extreme sensitivity to such large objects, combined with its operation at low frequencies that are well suited to observing old sources.
The center of the new GRG is associated with one member of a galaxy triplet known as UGC 09555.
The grey relational analysis is one of the subtopics of the grey system theory and defined as the grading, categorization and decision-making in the data set by using the Grey Relation Coefficient (GRG).
It was found that there was no important difference between the muscles as per the GRG relation coefficient, but the most preferred muscles were SMD (0.607), LD (0.589) and TB (0.578), respectively.