GRHAGeorgia Rural Health Association
GRHAGonadotropin Releasing Hormone Agonist
GRHAGerman Reining Horse Association (Mandelbachtal, Germany)
GRHAGeorgia Regional Hospital Augusta (Augusta, GA)
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"New construction, even at the fringe of the delta, means more levees," says Wayne Freeman, executive director of GRHA. "Levees exacerbate flooding by constricting water.
But GRHA, with help from the government, is giving farmers a better alternative than outright sale of property.
Federal dollars can now cover half the cost, the remainder being borne by state or local agencies or private groups like GRHA. Up to 25 percent of easement value can be donated to mitigate the tax load.
tasya ha parvatanaradau grha usatuh usatuh Parvata and Narada stayed in his home.
tasmad yady api dura iva pasuml labhate, grhan evainan ajigamisati; grha hi pasunam pratistha pratistha