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GRIBGrid in Binary
GRIBGridded Binary
GRIBGroupement des Radios Indépendantes en Belgique
GRIBGuaranteed Retirement Income Benefit (finance)
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Typically, this data comes from myriad sources load sensors, real-time weather information, downloaded GRIB files, wave data and tidal and current updates.
Zeus comes in an 8in or 12in screen, on which can be overlaid a chart of the area, instrument readouts, weather (using GRIB files uploaded via a USB port), sail navigation showing laylines and headings, and a Broadband radar display.
This model has also been used to provide forecast GRIB winds to racing and cruising navigators in order to drive the various routing software packages.
Even with all this modern equipment and GRIB files, don't forget the barometer - it's arguably your best friend.