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This simplification allowed more efficiency in the time needed to run a large number of simulations with varying parameters by reducing the complexity of the numerical model and utilizing some of Gridgen's capabilities for 2D mesh optimization.
The application generated the meshing script recalculating the new deflector shape from coordinates selected by the GA, called the Gridgen mesher to alter the pre-generated case mesh accordingly and finally exported it for Fluent.
For example, researchers at Brown University in Providence, R.I., used Gridgen to simulate and visualize airflow around a bat (the kind that flies).
They used the Gridgen meshing technology to make a mesh of the air around the bat for each pose.
Davis tests different shapes by creating them in Gridgen and Overgrid, and then cutting them into the model of the aircraft by using another NASA Ames program, called Pegasus.
They used a preprocessor called Gridgen from Pointwise of Fort Worth, Texas, which allowed them to break the scroll's geometry into contiguous subdomains called blocks.
This model is discretized using semi-automated gridding software called Gridgen from Pointwise of Fort Worth, Texas, and analyzed using CFD software called Falcon, developed by Lockheed Martin.
Pointwise in Fort Worth, Tex., has released version 12 of its Gridgen software, which creates quadrilateral and hexahedral grid meshes for computational-fluid-dynamics (CFD) codes as well as finite-element models for submission to FEA programs.
However, software developers at the company said that the adoption of OpenGL has also resulted in an acceleration of graphics-display functions for end users of Gridgen. "We've observed a 30-percent speedup for most graphic operations," said John P.
In addition to faster graphics-display capabilities, the latest version of Gridgen enables users to import trimmed surface entities (IGES 142 and 144) for use in the code's database.
Moreover, the elliptic PDE solver for blocks is now available from within Gridgen as it is for domains.
The solution domains were discretized using a body-fitted grid, generated with the graphic/interactive Gridgen code from Pointwise Inc.