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GRIDSGay-Related Immune Deficiency Syndrome (original term for AIDS)
GRIDSGrid Research Integration Deployment and Support Center (software)
GRIDSGrowth Related Integrated Development Strategy (community growth development plan; Hamilton, Ontario, Canada)
GRIDSGeneric Runtime Infrastructure for Distributed Simulation
GRIDSGuidelines for Review and Internal Development in Schools (various locations)
GRIDSGeographic Resources Information and Data System
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Mini Grids for Half a Billion People: Market Outlook and Handbook for Decision Makers is the most comprehensive study on mini grids to date.
By powering health clinics, schools, and local businesses, including in the agriculture industry, such grids would help create more vibrant and prosperous local economies.
With HTS cables gaining broader acceptance by power utilities worldwide, it has become increasingly important to understand the issues surrounding the integration of these cables into existing power grids. In addition to developing a first-of-its- kind HTS cable at unprecedented length and voltage, this project is developing the necessary tools to assure the reliable integration of this technology into the grid.
Beyond the acceleration of large-scale computing tasks, grid computing allows for the dynamic assignment of workloads to the most efficient resources for the job, so a large number of tasks run more effectively.
In this section we present what is known about the existence of the different types of Hamiltonian paths and cycles for conforming triangular and tetrahedral grids. We begin with a review of previously published results.
Grid computing started some years ago as an academic effort to build supercomputing on the cheap by using many smaller processors coordinated to tackle numerically intense computer problems.
Because grids unleash latent power that, at any one time, is not being used, they ran give companies a huge gain in power, speed and collaboration, radically accelerating compute-intensive processes.
With today's significant contribution of integration code to the Grid Engine Project, Sun provides a Java-based capability which can help enable customers to access Internet-based applications and resources securely in grid environments powered by Sun's Grid Engine software.
A glow discharge unit to render electron microscope grids and other surfaces hydrophilic.
This campus Grid will enable applications that were previously relegated to dedicated computer systems to run much faster on hundreds, and eventually thousands, of computers in various departments and campus computer labs.
Avaki Corporation, Cambridge, Mass., a pioneer in global grid software solutions, has launched AVAKI 2.5, the latest version of its commercial grid software.