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"It was they (the two girls) who had identified the place at Balika Grih, where a girl is allegedly buried," Kaur said.
Children found roaming the streets or engaged in questionable deeds are picked up by the police and produced before a magistrate, who sends them to Asha Grih. "We have to produce them every week before the court to apprise it of their progress," said Mathew, as she took me to an adjoining building where they were assembled for lunch.
We also permit the burning of phooljharis/ sparklers on Roop Choudas, and Dev Uthani Gyaras inside the Shri Mahakaleshwar Temple, Ujjain at Garbh Grih, during the aforesaid timings," the order by the apex court read.
The Temple of Solomon, including the Holy of Holies (sanctum sanctorum or garb grih) was destroyed and over it now stands the Al Aqsa mosque.
It has been asked to look into the state of affairs of five children homes- Arya Bal Grih, Darya Gant, Arya kanya Sadan, Darya Ganj, Chhatrawas Chnadra Arya Vidya Mandir, East Of Kailash, Chandra Arya Vidyalaya, East Of Kailash and Arya Anathalaya , Darya Ganj.
He will also award Indira Gandhi Raj Bhasha Purskar 2008-09 for excellent work done in Hindi in the Offices of the Central Government and public sector undertakings and Grih Patrika Purskar for publications by Ministries/ Departments in 2009-10.
Hundreds of Tanghkul Nagas joined the celebrations on March 20, which aimed at promoting unity not only among Nagas but also between different cultures and ethnicities.oung Naga musicians sang about peace, harmony and love for the Tanghkul Naga community of Delhi at the Grih Kalyan Kendra.