GRIIGereja Reformed Injili Indonesia
GRIIGlucocorticoid Receptor Type II (biochemistry)
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Accessory minerals in both GRII and GRIII are monazite, zircon, ilmenite, columbite, and Li mica.
Parts of the aplitic to porphyritic phase of the GRII contain miarolitic cavities, comb quartz layers, and unidirectional solidification textures (UST), suggesting fluid saturation and/ or undercooling of the parental magma (Kirkham and Sinclair 1988).
In the North Zone at Mount Pleasant, unit GRIII clearly intrudes GRI and GRII (Fig.
Clearly, hydrothermal breccias, related pervasive alteration and mineralization (silicification, chloritization, and greisenization) in GRI and GRII (Kooiman et al.
Similarly, two samples (PRL95-2-2019 and NMP89-1-1759) from the GRII phase of MPG contain moderately low Si[O.