GRIKGlutamate Receptor, Ionotropic, Kainate
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(20) The people resettled in Baan Thaanto (Thaanto Village), numbering between 30 and 50, are Kensiw speakers with dose ties to relatives directly across the border many of whom live in Grik, northern Perak.
Thus, it seems de Morgan did not actually penetrate into this mysterious region, which would appear to be the area between Grik in northern Malaysia and Betong in Thailand, which is indeed the home of some of the present-day Maniq.
I would like to contact any members of the anti-tank platoon Support Company, Royal Scots Fusiliers, Malaya, who were based at Grik, near Siamese border in 1954-55.
A game follows--called nog'or ('fortress') grik ('to take')--always in the area of the goat sheds, which is a sham fight between the prabal'on g'Uak and a couple of married men who boldly trespass a line separating the r'ela from the 'onjiSTa space: among much joking and laughter they are expelled by force and sent rolling down the hill.
Razha bin Haji Abdul Rashid's "The Kintak-Bong of Tasek" (1973), Tan Chee Beng's "Kampung Ulu Grik: A Senoi-Negrito Resettlement Community in Perak" (whose Semang inhabitants were Lanoh and Jahai),(145) and Khadizan bin Abdullah and Abdul Razak Yaacob's A Bateq Negrito Resettlement Area in Ulu Kelantan (1974).(146)