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GRILGrupo de Reacción Inmediata Lobos (Spanish: Lobos Immediate Reaction Group; Guatemala)
GRILGlobal Resource Investments Ltd.
GRILGenome Rearrangement and Inversion Locator (bioinformatics software)
GRILGroupe de Recherche Interuniversitaire en Limnologie et en Environnement Aquatique (French)
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Como ha sostenido GRIL, "dieser Ausganspunkt ist aber zu schwach, um ein transzendentalpragmatisches Argument tragen zu konnen" (160).
Gril compares the hermeneutics of fbn al-(Arabi and Ibn Barrajan within the tradition of Sahl al-Tustari and Ibn Masarra.
Este resultado se puede explicar porque a medida que avanza la adolescencia las actitudes negativas hacia la escuela y el profesorado aumentan (Levpuscek y Gril, 2010) y precisamente estas variables componen el factor general de desajuste escolar de nuestro estudio.
GRIL is presently engaged in the business of civil engineering and infrastructure development of roads.
From Daumier to Gril, artists used the medium to record and critique contemporary society, entertaining their audience with a visual repertoire of portraits-charges and social and familial scenes.
j] (finales mouillees) avril est venu unperil affreux [l] (finales sonore) civil, exil, fil, profil, subtil, vil [-] (finales muettes) chenil, coutil, fusil, gril, nombril, outil, sourcil
Referees: David Gril (Slovenia), Geert Blyaert (Belgium)
Saber Arab, chairman of the National Library and Archives of Egypt, and Dr Gril Denis praised the iconic figure, describing him as one of the few scientists whose thoughts helped several conflicting subjectivities to diminish.
Homme d'affaires chevronne, leader autochtone et parlementaire passionne, le senateur Gril a ete nomme au Senat en 1998 par le premier ministre Jean Chretien.
While supplies last, the DVD, as well as copies of Gril House and Beyond: A Facilitator's Guide for Empowering Young Women, is available from Kesa Kivel, 149 S.