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GRIPGolf Research in Play (Grafton, MA)
GRIPGovernance for Railway Investment Projects (UK)
GRIPGroupe de Recherche et d'Information sur la Paix et la Sécurité (French)
GRIPGlobal Health Research Initiative Program (NIH)
GRIPGeneral Rate Income Pool
GRIPGet Rid of Incumbent Politicians (political philosophy)
GRIPGlobal Reach Improvement Program (US DoD)
GRIPGlucocorticoid Receptor-Interacting Protein
GRIPGreenland Ice Project
GRIPGamma Ray Imaging Payload
GRIPGlobally Resilient Internet Protocol
GRIPGroupement de Recherche en Interaction de Particules (French: Research Group for Interacting Particles)
GRIPGrants for the Rights of Indigenous Peoples
GRIPGeoref in Process (reference database)
GRIPGeorgia Road Improvement Program
GRIPGroup Retrospective Insurance Plan
GRIPGateway Recovery and Intervention Program
GRIPGroup for Recycling in Pennsylvania
GRIPGospel, Reachout, Inspire, Positive (blog)
GRIPGrass Roots Improvement Program
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We wanted to examine grip strength in particular because it is highly associated with overall body strength,' said lead study author Mark Peterson, Assistant Professor at Michigan Medicine, University of Michigan in the US.
Pictured are my original Red and Wolf grips, the silver starred panels on my Ruger 9mm, and a patriotic grip inlaid with "We The People" in silver.
To grip your club properly, make sure the heel of your left hand sits on the top of your club handle.
But one question arose when I was kicking this subject around with G&A's editors: Does changing the grip size of these new and modern polymer pistols improve hit probability?
The regular grip and the premium charging grip look very similar.
These grip screw bushings do not have to be used with Challis grips and can be used with grips from any maker.
The solution seemed to be a wider grip, because once we put one on, the left and right wobble went away and we could hold like we were generally accustomed to.
The Pro Release[TM] grip is designed to provide improved performance for the low & mid handicap and prevents the better player from "getting stuck" - creating a more powerful release at impact.
Traditionally, grip sleeves like the HandAll are simple one-piece rubber tubes contoured to fit the frame of a firearm, and they usually feature finger grooves and some sort of texturing.
The design is larger in the forward edge of the grip, giving the hand more to hold in an area that doesn't create bulge when the gun is concealed.
were discussing handguns and the subject of custom grips catne up.