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GRIPGolf Research in Play (Grafton, MA)
GRIPGovernance for Railway Investment Projects (UK)
GRIPGroupe de Recherche et d'Information sur la Paix et la Sécurité (French)
GRIPGlobal Health Research Initiative Program (NIH)
GRIPGeneral Rate Income Pool
GRIPGet Rid of Incumbent Politicians (political philosophy)
GRIPGlobal Reach Improvement Program (US DoD)
GRIPGlucocorticoid Receptor-Interacting Protein
GRIPGreenland Ice Project
GRIPGamma Ray Imaging Payload
GRIPGlobally Resilient Internet Protocol
GRIPGeoref in Process (reference database)
GRIPGrants for the Rights of Indigenous Peoples
GRIPGroupement de Recherche en Interaction de Particules (French: Research Group for Interacting Particles)
GRIPGeorgia Road Improvement Program
GRIPGateway Recovery and Intervention Program
GRIPGroup for Recycling in Pennsylvania
GRIPGospel, Reachout, Inspire, Positive (blog)
GRIPGroup Retrospective Insurance Plan
GRIPGrass Roots Improvement Program
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If a trooper dropped a cocked pistol the grip safety would prevent the pistol from firing and shooting the trooper or horse.
A favourite among many, the vertical grip is an appropriate choice for weapons with a strong vertical kick.
Cooper wrote, "The first purpose of pistol stocks is the assurance of a uniform grip. After that, they should afford tactile comfort and distribute recoil as broadly as practical.
Developed specifically for the Mossberg Shockwave and Remington Tac-14, the TACTICAL GRIP GLOVE is an easy to install slip-on grip that features a single finger positioning groove, non-slip texturing and a thicker padded area to provide recoil protection.
If you measured your grip tension on a scale from 1 to 10, with 1 being the club almost falling out of your hands and 10 being the club getting crushed in a vise, I'd suggest using 3 tension at address through transition, increasing to 6 or 7 at impact.
Results: Increased Grip Force values was observed in boys compared to girls by > 300% for Maximum Grip Force, > 33% for average grip force and > 58% for maximum grip force just before fatigue.
With deep offset, standard offset, and straight (no offset) options, the latch covers a wide range of grip distances.
'We wanted to examine grip strength in particular because it is highly associated with overall body strength,' said lead study author Mark Peterson, Assistant Professor at Michigan Medicine, University of Michigan in the US.
I discovered a gentleman in Istanbul, Cenk Gultekin, whose company, Handmade Grips specialized in custom grips.
After all, when your swing turns sour, your first emergency action needs to be examining your grip and grip pressure.
Research shows that grip strength--easily measured with a simple device--represents strength in the whole body.
Shop listings have clarified that the Joy-Con grip included with the Nintendo Switch is just a regular grip for a traditional gamepad feel.