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GRIP1Glutamate Receptor Interacting Protein 1
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aberration Size (bp) Gene diagnosis 7 Deletion 127.490 GRIP1 ID-ASD-ADHD 20 Duplication 328.199 CHRNA7 ID-ASD-ADHD 23 Deletion 177.359 NRXN1 ASD 29 Deletion 175.730 MACROD2 ASD-ADHD 31 Duplication 982.899 SLIT2 ID-ASD-ADHD Duplication 246.356 PWRN1 45 Deletion 38.740 NRXN1 ASD 52 Duplication 230.818 OPTN, MCM10, CCDC3 ASD 54 Deletion 428.006 miR128-1,ZRANB3, R3HDM1 ASD Patient nr.
Pools of genomic DNA samples from the parental lines (KNP [n = 5] and Landrace [n = 5]) of the F2 intercross were re-sequenced to detect SNP markers across the whole genome, including the GRIP1 gene (ENSSSCG00000000478), using the HiSeq2000 massively parallel sequencing technology (Illumina Inc., San Diego, CA, USA).
GRIP1. The glutamate receptor interacting protein 1 (GRIP1), a scaffolding protein that binds directly to GluA2 [19] and tethers AMPARs to other signaling proteins, is another target of ubiquitination (Figure 3(a)).