GRISSGolombok Rust Inventory of Sexual Satisfaction
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Overall regression coefficients between GRISS domains and overall mindfulness are presented in Table 3, with multiple regression coefficients between FFMQ mindfulness factors with the GRISS total score and sexual satisfaction subscales presented in Table 4.
26) explained a significant proportion of variance in the GRISS total score.
Spearman correlation analysis was performed for the relations between the number of swollen and tender joints, DAS28 and ASEX total scores, DAS total and subscale scores, GRISS total and subscale scores.
Groups were also comparable with regard to the mean GRISS total scores (p=0.
Her bir tedavi tipsindeki kadinlar, ayni tedavi tipsindeki erkeklerle karsilastirildiginda, ketiyapin ya da ketiyapin+lityum kullanan erkeklerin GRISS puanlari, ketiyapin ya da ketiyapin+lityum kullanan kadinlardan yuksek bulunmustur (t=1,8, p=0,046).
Iki uclu kadin olgularin GRISS puanlari uc tedavi tipsi icin farkli bulunmamistir.
b) Materiales: Entrevista semi-estructurada, SAI-E (Sexual Arousal Inventory Expanded), GRISS (Golombok Rust Inventory o inventario de satisfaccion sexual), y MILLON.
Antes de la primera dosis se pasan todos los cuestionarios, tras las cuatro primeras relaciones se pasan el GRISS y el SAI-E, y despues de las cuatro ultimas relaciones, se vuelven a pasar el GRISS y el SAI-E.
In addition, there was a statistically significant relationship between the total GRISS and the BDI and BAI scores.
14) found a significant relationship between the BASDAI and the total GRISS score.
Erkeklerde prolaktin seviyelerinin normal ve yuksek olusuna gore GRISS cinsel doyum olcegi total puanlari karsilastirildiginda prolaktin seviyeleri yuksek olanlarda, prolaktin seviyeleri normal olanlara gore herhangi bir cinsel islev bozuklugu oldugu yonunde anlamli derecede farklilik bulunmustur.
Kadinlarda prolaktin seviyelerinin normal ve yuksek olusuna gore GRISS cinsel doyum olcegi total puanlari karsilastirildiginda, total ve alt olcek puanlarinda prolaktin seviyeleri yuksek kadinlarda prolaktin seviyeleri normal olan kadinlara gore anlamli bir farklilik bulunmamistir.