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GRISTGreat Ideas in Science and Technology (enterprise scheme; South East England Development Agency)
GRISTGrazing Incidence Solar Telescope (Spacelab)
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Through it we have created a peaceful school," said Mr Grist.
Since then, Grist and her family have funded their own investigation into Needham's disappearance, visiting the island dozens of times.
Grist clearly has talent but Imaginings lacks a focus.
Mrs Grist recalled: "She said, 'I will see you for your dinner tomorrow,' and she said she loved me and that was it.
We are thrilled to be a part of the Pitchmen series," said Grist, chief executive officer and founder of For The Earth Corp.
Just because Anheuser-Busch is now selling a gluten-free beer--similar to Lakefront's New Grist gluten-free brew--doesn't mean "they're going to be pushing everyone else out," [Russ] Klisch [operator of Milwaukee's Lakefront Brewery Inc.
Michael Grist, Deputy Superintendent, Insurance and Pensions
Like it or not, grist is everywhere she looks at Lake Ringrose.
First, there was no historical structure on the G property to preserve, and the limits on the development of land near other property with a historic grist mill and plantation do not preserve the historical structures on those properties.