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Ms Roberts is also part of Grl Pwr Gang - a collection of influential women who have come together through their joint passion of supporting women.
Summary: Move over GPS, GRL is here to help you find your way about the town and locate your building.
Geo Reference Locator(GRL) has taken 10 years to go online and is unique to the UAE, according to its developer.
It doesn't matter if you don't know your building's GRL number.
A map will appear and will zoom to show the GRL, address and photograph of apartment block you want to reach.
On revenues, he said users on the business version of GRL are charged different rates.
Under-15 grls (2.1-mile): 1 I Curran (Gates) 14:49; 2 H Peck (Morp) 14:58; 3 E Chong (Ch-le-St) 15:09; 4 L James (Hough) 15:13; 5 R Hughes (NSP) 15:40; 6 E Burnett (Blay) 15:42; 7 T Graham (Birt) 15:45; 8 A Leonard (Hough) 15:47; 9 A Pigford (Hough) 15:52; 10 C Reid (Blay) 15:58.
The function of the Divisional Programme, part of the women's and grls' player pathway and started in 2010, is to identify and develop talent at all levels of the women's and girls' game, with the objective CALL-UP Brown of producing future England internationals.
xcpt u & me n the altr boys room :) <whts a grl doin n the altr boys room> Joey wuz alwys askin <i dont git it> poorboy joey!!!
:-* not jst weekends eithr but the poor grl drinks 24/7!!!
poor grl :-( its 3:30 & library lady thinks i m doin homework