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According to the Rawalpindi- Islamabad Sarafa Association the, the per tola price of 22 karats of gold was recorded at Rs 67400 whereas 10 grms gold price was Rs 57, 785.
In addition, GRM implemented a personnel and benefits file creation process and converted back files of personnel and benefits information to digital format.
Iron Mountain said the acquisition of GRM China advances the company's strategy for expanding Iron Mountain's presence in faster growing Asian markets like China.
He held these meetings to convey the general philosophy of the GRM group and to better understand the priorities, business issues and concerns of a representative sampling of the businesses within the company.
platform that integrates seamlessly with clients' existing HCM systems, the GRM
Additive variance of GRM was slightly higher than that of A whereas residual variance of GRM was two times higher than that of A (Table 3).
The gross refining margin ( GRM) for the last quarter of 2016- 17 was US$ 8.95 per bbl as compared to US$ 2.99 per bbl in the corresponding quarter of 2015- 16.
The geotechnical program will be led by GRM, a consultancy that has completed more than 100 geotechnical assignments across the Indonesian archipelago in the past eight years, more than 50 of which have been based in Kalimantan where the BKM copper deposit is located.
As well as helping firms to optimise structures using topology optimisation, GRM works with composites.
Gross refining margin "We have been able to reach a net profit in the last quarter with a robust GRM (gross refining margin) and we are sure we can continue this trend in the current year.
(NYSE: CNS) said it will change its Global Realty Majors Portfolio Index (GRM) as a result of the proposed merger of Corio N.V.
Neste momento, foi acoplada a seringa de acordo com o protocolo proposto e os animais foram distribuidos aleatoriamente em dois grupos: ropivacaina isolada (GR) e ropivacaina associada a morfina (GRM), nas doses de 0,26mL [kg.sup.-1] de ropivacaina a 7,5% no grupo GR, e 0,1mg [kg.sup.-1] de morfina a 10mg [mL.sup.-1], associada com ropivacaina a 7,5% ate volume final de 0,26mL [kg.sup.-1] no (GRM).