GRM8Glutamate Receptor, Metabotropic 8
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KEGG pathway analysis identified 2 enriched pathways, hsa04080: Neuroactive ligand-receptor interaction (GRM8, DRD5, GRIN3A, FSHR) and hsa04024: cAMP signaling pathway (DRD5, GRIN3A, FSHR) (Table 4).
Association of single nucleotide polymorphisms in a glutamate receptor gene (GRM8) with theta power of event-related oscillations and alcohol dependence.
(3) Lung SCCs are characterized by complex genomic alterations with recurrent mutations in several genes, including TP53, NFE2L2, KEAP1, BAI3, FBXW7, GRM8, MUC16, RUNX1T1, STK11, ERBB4, DDR2, and FGFR1 amplification.