GRMASGrand Rapids Marine Aquarium Society (Grand Rapids, MI)
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KARACHI -- Gold became less attractive, as jewellers in Pakistan revised price downwards by Rs1,000 per tola (11.66 grmas) to six-week low at Rs68,800 in line with downturn in the imported commodity at world markets on Tuesday.
Tender are invited for Supply of d)11"X5" Paper Rajeshwari.e)9"X4" Paper Rajeshwari,f)6"X4" Paper Rajeshwari.Eraz-EX with diluter Kores,Fax_Roll - 30 Mtrs Mitubushi,File pad Extra Thick Standred quality,File Box File Peacock File cover for office,Office Subscriber file (Thin),Gum Bottle-700 MlBril,Gum Bottle-300 Ml Bril,Gum Bottle-150Ml Bril,Pen Drive (Transcend),Pen Drive (Transcend,Plastic Thin thread 250 Grmas Pens.Reynold,Pens Mountex,Pens Use & Through,Pen-1.3mm Permanent Marker Cello,Paper cutter -5.5"or 6 Magic
As the threshold for successful entanglement is generally considered to be at the 20-25 grmas sq.