GRMNGlobal Risk Management Network
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The Vitz GRMN Turbo was developed as a sports hatchback that exemplifies the pure and grounded handling expected from a compact sports car.
styling, such as LED headlights, a large-diameter tail pipe, rear spoiler, exclusive front bumper, large rocker panel moldings and a contoured GRMN logo on the side of the body.
33-litre engine previously used by GRMN in the iQ 130G MT.
The models listed below (including GRMN and G's concept models) are being displayed at the "Tokyo Auto Salon 2010 with NAPAC6", one of the world's largest customized car shows, which is being heldfrom January 15 to 17 at Makuhari Messe in Chiba Prefecture.
Toyota Motor Corporation (NYSE: TM)(LSE: TYT)(TYO: 7203), a Japan-based automaker, is launching the production Mark X GRMN at the 2015 Tokyo Auto Salon, Leftlane News has reported.
Key Specifications of GRMN iQ Supercharger (Prototype Model)
The GRMN SPORTS HYBRID Concept II is positioned as the next step in the evolution of these efforts.
The concept vehicle is a development of the GRMN Sports Hybrid, which was unveiled at the 2010 Tokyo motor show.
The GRMN concept car to be displayed is the "GRMN iQ Racing Concept", which is based on the limited-production "iQ GRMN" that sold out in one week in August 2009 and features a super charger and roll cage.
The Mainichi Daily News has reported that a version of the GRMN sports car concept has been approved, which could suggest that a mid-engined hybrid successor to the MR2 is being worked on.
In addition to the "FT-86 Concept" rear-wheel drive compact sports car and the Lexus "LFA" shown at the 2009 Tokyo Motor Show, plans call for TMC's sports model lineup to expand through the introduction of conversion models and sports-trim models of mass-produced vehicle series, such as the GRMN and G's series.