GRNSGreens (street type)
GRNSGamma-Ray and Neutron Spectrometer
GRNSGerman Research Network on Schizophrenia (psychiatry)
GRNSGlobal Research Network System (Japan)
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The past 30 years has seen several developments concerned the learning structure of GRNs. The complex relationships between such components motivated us to identify a multivariate approach.
Reverse engineering of GRNs from whole genome data entails deciphering the underlying gene regulatory circuits by observing changes in gene expression profiles (5).
CellNet applies network biology to discover the complex network of genes that are turned on or off in an engineered cell, known as the cell's Gene Regulatory Network or GRN.
High throughput biological experiments have proved that time delays were ubiquitous in GRNs. The existence of time delays influences the stability of GRNs, which can give rise to oscillatory or unstable networks.
GRNs are in general modeled by ordinary/partial differential equations with high nonlinearity and high dimensionality.
They believe that only by integrating three distinct sources of data will we be able to understand the Cambrian diversification event: (1) historical changes in the physical environment; (2) elaborations in developmental mechanisms, particularly in GRNs; and (3) changes in ecological relationships over time, including the elaboration of new adaptive niches.
In a gene regulatory network (GRN), the genes are known to interact with few other genes only.
Recently, developmental biologists have gained novel insights into the mechanisms by which new tissues and cell types are determined, or "specified," by elucidating and analyzing the GRNs that govern these processes.
"The presence of wireless connectivity has allowed us to reduce on time and cost on usual store duties like bar coding, price verification, and inventory transactions like Transfer in, Transfer Out, Demand Request, GRN's, and Stock Tracking with online variation," he noted.
Moreover, the advent of genetic engineering and synthetic biology (Endy 2005) opened the way to the alteration of existing functionality and to the integration of new functionalities in GRNs. This corresponds to an activity of design of GRNs with complexity and potential impact analogous to that described above for analog electronic circuits and ANNs.
The Bank View fruit won the Swettenham Club gooseberry show - and at 37 pw 20 grns was the heaviest greenberry ever recorded in the area.
Although the number of parameters to be determined is relatively large for inference of S-System, it is also employed to reconstruct large-scale GRNs [11-13], attributed to its powerful approximation of dynamics of biochemical reactions.