GRORGross Rate of Return
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On the day of the higher ordination, the siksamana, who should have observed her precepts for two years, first receives a formal agreement to become ordained, known as the brahmacaryopasthanasamvrti (tshangs par spyod pa la rim gror bya ba'i sdom pa), (49) from a community of twelve bhiksunis.50 Later on the same day, the higher ordination is given in the presence of a two-fold community of ten bhiksus and twelve bhiksunis.
The Environment Agency has been working with gror ups including Kirklees Council, Sheffield City Council, Yorkshire Water, British Waterways and The Rivers Trust to build more than 10 new fish passes in an effort to see the return of salmon, sea trout, lamprey and eel.
142.2-4 (de nas rab byung bzhi pa'i nang gu ru tshe brtan rgyal mtshan ces bya ba'i gter bton chen po de'ang spa gror byon / chu mo phu [= phug] gu ru zhi drag gi sgrub skor rnams dang / skye bdun dam rdzas sogs mang du bzhes te 'gro don mdzad); compare Aris (1979:43 & 157).