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(4) BLS' research has shown that the annual gross job gain and gross job loss statistics would be biased upward by almost 10 percent if quarterly linkage information from within the year were not taken into account.
In flight two, Simon Brown was the top player with a net 66 score (gross 78).
L ewis Evans of Dudley, Liverpool, won the under-14 category with gross 78, nett 64.
The firm produced $12 million in gross sales last year and projects gross sales of $21 million in 2007.
* All other damages received are included in gross income in full, including the amounts that may have been paid directly to the attorneys.
"* Defendants have failed in good faith to include in Gross Receipts a reasonable sum as the license fee allocable to the Film for the exploitation of pay television rights;
Gross said he's enjoying GF55's newfound success and notoriety.
* $500,000 of Ohio taxable gross receipts during a calendar year.
If the gross receipts derived from the sale of the automobiles do not qualify as DPGR but the gross receipts derived from the sale of each of the three components do qualify, the first part of the analysis dictates that the taxpayer has three items giving rise to DPGR: sunroofs, stereos, and tires.
Bringing the industry together for information sharing and education has been a hallmark of Gross's TAPPI career.
It's late November 2001, and Paul Gross emerges into the sunlight from the bowels of Serendipity Point Films where he is in post-production on Men with Brooms, a Robert Lantos production, playing with the harmonics of his ensemble cast.
Joining them at the winners podium saw JP Marfori 74 (Class A gross champion), Albert Cainghug 79 (Class A gross r-up), Dennis Capa 70 (Class A net champion), Lee Bong Hee 75 (Class A net r-up), Jong Tan 77 (Class B gross champion), Noe Taojo 80 (Class B gross r-up), King Rivas 67 (Class B net champion), Edito Jualo 68 (Class B net r-up), Kim Tae Jung 80 (Class C gross champion), Joe Lafuente 90 (Class C gross r-up), Vince Batucan 70 (Class C net champion), Arnold Navales 72 (Class C net r-up), Brian Good 91 (Class D gross champion), Biboy Canusa 92 (Class D gross r-up), Hermie Martin 70 (Class D net champion) and George Omelio 72 (Class D net r-up).