GRPAGeorgia Recreation and Park Association (Conyers, GA)
GRPAGuyana Responsible Parenthood Association
GRPAGeorgia Rail Passenger Authority
GRPAGuyana Rice Producers Association
GRPAGray Partridge (Perdix perdix)
GRPAGeneralized Random-Phase Approximation
GRPAGovernment Relations and Public Affairs
GRPAGeneral Retirement & Pension Authority (Qatar)
GRPAGroundwater Recharge Protection Area
GRPAGreen Parakeet
GRPAGreater Rochester Photonics Alliance
GRPAGraphical Remote Process Analyzer
GRPAGovernmental Relations and Public Affairs
GRPAGamescape Role-Players Anonymous
GRPAGroup Reporting Production and Analysis
GRPAGeorgia Rail Passenger Association
GRPAGreenville Radiography Professional Association
GRPAGas Resources Preservation Act (Canada)
GRPAGeneric Requirements Participation Agreement
GRPAGranite Reef Picnic Area (Arizona)
GRPAGeneral Risk Prediction Analysis
GRPAgentamicin-resistant Pseudomonas aeruginosa
GRPAGrand Rapids Punk Association
GRPAGolden Reef Pigeon Association (South Africa)
GRPAGhost Recon Players Association
GRPAGreenville Radiology PA
GRPAGeorgia Recreation Professionals Association
GRPAGroundwater Resource Protection Area
GRPAGerontology Public Administration (course)
GRPAGravel River Planning Area (Ontario, Canada)
GRPAGolf Residential Policy Area (New Zealand)
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As shown in algorithm 2, the one-point crossover operator is adopted in GRPA.
Algorithm 1: GRPA algorithm_ Input: F = {< [[rho].
In this section, we first validate the analytical model of CFE described in section 3 with simulation in NS-3 and then evaluate the performance of the GRPA algorithm.
In GRPA, the size of the initial population is 1000 and the crossover probability are 0.
4(a), (b) and (c), it can be observed that GRPA can obtain higher DSD than the other three benchmark algorithms for any TCAM size, any uniform distribution of the CFE delay requirements of flows and any uniform distribution of the flow weights.
As Edward Long and Aimee Franklin reported in their GRPA retrospective, the most important priority that emerged from the experience was compliance with the legal requirements of the act itself.