GRPEGlasgow Research Partnership in Engineering (University of Glasgow; UK)
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Among different chaperone plasmids checked by co-expression, the pKJE7 plasmid set containing DnaK, DnaJ, GrpE chaperone genes demonstrated higher soluble yield in comparison to pGro-7, pG-KJE8, pTf16 and pG-Tf2 plasmids.
However, in our study, there were not any relative synergistic effects between GroEL and GroES proteins with GrpE, DnaK, DnaJ chaperone proteins.
The GRPE report also describes negative effects of Fe as ferrocene, including deposition of iron oxide onto spark plugs, catalysts and other exhaust system parts, resulting in premature spark plug failure and 90% reduction in spark plug life [17].
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(2012) Group A streptococcus adheres to pharyngeal epithelial cells with salivary proline-rich proteins via GrpE chaperone protein.
Reversible thermal transition in GrpE, the nucleotide exchange factor of the DnaK heat-shock system.
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