GRRIPGlobal Rapid Response Intelligence Package (TeleCommunication Systems)
GRRIPGlobal Rapid Response Information Package
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Once again, the leaders were primarily using analog systems (i.e., a map) aside from the potential to use a few satellite-based systems, such as SATCOM or GRRIPs. But, both of these systems can only be used when stationary.
The BCT Fusion Warrant Officer was able to access JTF TED via GRRIP within hours of insertion; however the BNs did not utilize TED and share information with the BCT as much as they could have.
For communication with the JTF HQ, FM communications never materialized and the BCT S2 exercised their alternate plan, immediately switching to mIRC Chat over GRRIP. This was very successful in communicating and passing data.
INQUIRING MINDS: Kiera Grecan, from Kitwell Primary School, Bartley Green, gets to grrips with Wuthering Heights
Army leaders are looking to use legacy Secure Internet Protocol Router/Non-secure Internet Protocol Router Access Point ground satellite terminals and GRRIPs as a bridging capability for T2C2 Heavy and Lite respectively, until the final T2C2 capability is eventually fielded.