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GRRLGreat River Regional Library
GRRLGulf Region Roller League (Pensacola, FL)
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He is consumed by cameras, editing, movies, and his current project, Riot Grrl 16.
Woman, womyn, womon, girl, grrrl, grrl and lady ...
Grrl zine networks: Re-composing spaces of authority, gender, and culture.
If I had my way, Collins's feminist lens might place the hip hop feminist consciousness of Joan Morgan, Gwendolyn Pough, Lisa Jones, and Kimberly Springer in conversation with other black feminists who engage music cultures beyond hip hop, such as black feminist rock critic Daphne Brooks, or others in alternative scenes, such as the zine movement--Kpoene' Kofi-Bruce comes to mind--the Riot Grrl movement, environmental and anti-globalization movements, human rights movements, and the current feminist blog movement.
-- Girl Power: "Grrl Power" feeds that put girls first, last and always with empowering and inspirational messages.
In coming to claim her place as the grand dame of angry grrl rock, she sounds not unlike P J Harvey's wicked stepmother with the sort of buzzsaw riff that's served everyone from The Stooges to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.
You could as easily tell the opposite story, one in which those thongs are the sartorial equivalent of grrl power.
(45) Jennifer Bleyer, "From Riot Grrl to Yeshiva Girl, or How I Became My Own Damn Rabbi," in Danya Ruttenberg, ed., Yentl's Revenge: The Next Wave of Jewish Feminism (New York: Seal Press, 2001), p.
His label, SLAMJamz, is featuring a new album from Crew Grrl Order: "B Grrl Stance."
Clean Jeans; Jeff Campbell, president of The Clean Team; Diana Forbes, known as Gadget Grrl; A.J.
Emma, however, seems to be the political fire behind the group, and she passionately explains, "I started to play music as a form of protest and politics because of my experience listening to the Riot Grrl movement....