GRRRRGolden Recovery Retrieving Retrievers Rescue (Blue Springs, MO)
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Grrrr. Ond dyna fo, ffilm i godi ofn oedd hi i fod.
"I remember the first scene I did was a night shoot and it was a scene where lightning comes down and at first I was going 'grrrr' to things and there was nothing there.
It's much better-looking than mine (grrrr) and even feels better to the touch.
Grrrr. I can see me having to do a ridiculously early start and hideously late finish.
His Bet365 business is booming, and its success has enabled him to pour money into his football club." Grrrr! Guess where I had to run for my life from London-loathing neanderthals as a teenager?
Felix - and only the most expensive sachets -- grrrr. Where is the name from?
I am willing to mentally wax up my ears when DFS run their adverts boasting about never-ending half price sales of sofas (you know the one, D is for Double discount, F is for Four years' interest free, S is for Sale, grrrr.) an But on Saturday night, what really made me feel like lobbing a hand grenade at the TV was the latest commercial for Weetabix featuring their new product: Chocolate Weetabix.
You hop on board their vintage WWII amphibious vehicles and as you learn about Viking Dublin, driving though its streets, you startle unsuspecting pedestrians with shouting 'grrrr' at them.
10pm Grrrr! If you are a bloke you suddenly realise that the crafty crooner has made your partner swoon with delight.
(Cue Jonty holding said Mr Tunkety to his mouth, putting on a Mr Bean voice and going Grrrr, Im very angry.)
How about that $40-a-pop fee (grrrr) that publisher Gordon and Breach demands from its journal readers if they want to copy an article?