GRRSGeorgia Radio Reading Service
GRRSGenealogical Record Research Services (UK)
GRRSGrid Resource Registration Service
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Gauge repeatability and reproducibility (GRR) study is a representative measurement system analysis (MSA) tool [1].
[26] suggested a revised % Tolerance for the multivariate GRR that provides smaller mean squared error and mean absolute percentage error than the conventional % Tolerance.
SOC is a worldview facilitated by the GRRs and is related to the ability to use GRRs in a way that promotes effective coping with life's demands.
In addition, because GRRS is a voluntary program, not all
As of August 2009, NNSA reports that it had upgraded the security at 18 of the 22 foreign research reactors in the GRRS program at a total cost of approximately $8 million.
GRRs can help an individual avoid stressors as in prevention, practicing good health habits, or avoiding dangerous situations.
The result is that the behavior programmed through GRRs for trains moving on tracks is transferred to cars moving on streets.
The result of the analogy is a new set of GRRs attached to cars, allowing them to move on streets.
In its third annual GRR 100 guide to cross-border restructuring and insolvency law firms, Global Restructuring Review has recognized Akin Gump as one of the top law firms to tackle restructuring and insolvency matters.
Tenders are invited for Collection And Preparation Of Coal Samples From Grrs, Nk-Ii, Nk-I And Iii Railway Siding And Pent House (Belt) Near 20000 Te Bunker At Kocp Of Kusmunda Area.
GRRs selection criteria included the cases each lawyer had worked on, the quality of the independent recommendations they received and the presence each candidates firm had in the global or regional marketplace.
Weil was recently named among the top firms globally for cross-border restructuring and insolvency matters in the 2019 edition of Global Restructuring Reviews GRR 30.