GRRSGeorgia Radio Reading Service
GRRSGenealogical Record Research Services (UK)
GRRSGrid Resource Registration Service
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Gauge repeatability and reproducibility (GRR) study is a representative measurement system analysis (MSA) tool [1].
[26] suggested a revised % Tolerance for the multivariate GRR that provides smaller mean squared error and mean absolute percentage error than the conventional % Tolerance.
SOC is a worldview facilitated by the GRRs and is related to the ability to use GRRs in a way that promotes effective coping with life's demands.
In addition, because GRRS is a voluntary program, not all
As of August 2009, NNSA reports that it had upgraded the security at 18 of the 22 foreign research reactors in the GRRS program at a total cost of approximately $8 million.
The result is that the behavior programmed through GRRs for trains moving on tracks is transferred to cars moving on streets.
The result of the analogy is a new set of GRRs attached to cars, allowing them to move on streets.