GRSLSSGrasha-Riechmann Student Learning Style Scales
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In a comprehensive review of eight highly regarded learning styles including the GRSLSS, Kolb's LSI, and GEFT, Santo (2004) argues the learning style construct is vague, that learning style instruments tend to be self-assessment that rely on honesty and self-awareness, and that these instruments tend to be low in reliability and validity.
Table 1 Summary of Sample Studies on Learning Style and Course Delivery Mode Learning Author Title Style Model Becker, Impact of personalized VARK Kehoe, & learning styles on Tennent online delivery and (2007) assessment Boatman, See how they learn: the VARK Courtney & impact of faculty and Lee (2008) student learning styles on student performance in introductory economics Diaz & Students' Learning Grasha- Cartnal Styles in Two Classes Reichmann (1999) scale (GRSLSS) Downing & Reflectors as online Honey and Chim extraverts?
The Grasha-Riechmann Student Learning Styles Scale (GRSLSS) was chosen as the research instrument to explore Irish adults' learning styles with 532 adult education learners attending certificate or diploma programs organized by University College Cork.