GRSMGreat Smoky Mountains National Park (US National Park Service)
GRSMGender, Romantic, and Sexual Minorities
GRSMGlobal Religious Science Ministries
GRSMGraduate of the Royal Schools of Music
GRSMGraphic Rating Scale Method (employee evaluation; China)
GRSMGovernments of Canada Strategic Reference Model
GRSMGentamicin-Resistant Serratia Marcescens (infectious disease)
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The optimization method; namely, global response surface method (GRSM) is proposed to perform the optimization.
In this paper, we proposed the use of the global response surface method (GRSM), since it requires less computation resources compared to the other methods.
To show the runtime advantage of GRSM over GA, another subsection is included to achieve the same objective using GA.
Topology Optimization for High Directivity Using GRSM
Using GRSM, the optimized design is obtained after 700 iterations and GRSM runs further iterations to ensure the convergence as can be seen in figure 5.
Although GA achieved the required objectives, it took more than double the runtime as compared to GRSM.
What do rangers think are the primary barriers and motivations associated with visitors' attendance at live interpretive programs at GRSM?
Why do visitors actually attend (or not attend) live interpretive programs at GRSM?
With over nine million visitors per year, GRSM is the most visited national park in the United States (National Park Service Public Use Statistics Office, 2010).
We conducted three surveys: one with interpretive rangers at GRSM and two with visitors.
The primary goal of the survey was to generate clear hypotheses regarding the barriers and motivations of different audiences to attend both cultural and environmental interpretation programs within GRSM.
The high crown ratios and transparency ratios for eastern hemlocks in the GRSM compared to data obtained in other regions (Mayer et.