GRSMGreat Smoky Mountains National Park (US National Park Service)
GRSMGender, Romantic, and Sexual Minorities
GRSMGlobal Religious Science Ministries
GRSMGraduate of the Royal Schools of Music
GRSMGraphic Rating Scale Method (employee evaluation; China)
GRSMGovernments of Canada Strategic Reference Model
GRSMGentamicin-Resistant Serratia Marcescens (infectious disease)
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Topology Optimization for High Directivity Using GRSM
Using GRSM, the optimized design is obtained after 700 iterations and GRSM runs further iterations to ensure the convergence as can be seen in figure 5.
Although GA achieved the required objectives, it took more than double the runtime as compared to GRSM.
Topology Optimization using GRSM after DoE-Parameter Screening
After reducing the number of design variables by using parameter screening DoE and using GRSM, the optimized design is obtained in less than 150 iterations and ran further iterations to ensure the convergence as can be seen in figure 13.
Approach Run S11 Max Time Directivity GA 26 hrs -9dB 10dBi GRSM 12.
Nearly half were visiting GRSM for only part of one day or one full day; the other half visited the park for more than one day (Table 4).
While a recent visitor survey suggested that only about 9 percent of visitors attend interpretive programs on a given visit to GRSM during the summer (Papadogiannaki & Hollenhorst, 2008), our results suggest that more than a quarter of visitors have attended at least one ranger-led program at GRSM on either this or a prior visit.
Papadogiannaki and others (2009) found that 89 percent of visitors sought some information prior to visiting GRSM.
GRSM might consider targeting programs for these groups at the most common stopping points for these visitors.
Visitors to GRSM from the local area expressed greater interest in participating in skills-based programs.
Thus, GRSM and other parks might achieve greatest efficiency though a periodic implementation of shorter on-site surveys of attendees to interpretation programs at specified time intervals or more targeted implementation when conditions, in particular attendance patterns, seem to change.