GRSPGlobal Road Safety Partnership
GRSPGeorgia Rotary Student Program
GRSPGhazni Rural Support Program (Afghanistan)
GRSPGroup Retirement Savings Plan
GRSPGroup Resultant Set of Policy (Microsoft)
GRSPGreen Springs Historic District (US National Park Service)
GRSPGround Range Sustainment Program (US Marine Corps)
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The GRSP is composed of road-safety advocates that include IDEALS Inc., Vera Files, ImagineLaw, Dakila, Legal Engagement Advocating Development and Reform, Peace and Conflict Journalism Network International, and Philippine Red Cross.
Members of GRSP, which was founded in 1999, are part of a worldwide network of organisations committed to improving road safety.
GRSP represents a type of glue agent that stabilizes soil aggregates, as one of the fractions of soil organic matter in perennial fruit orchards.
After AMF infected plants, external hyphae form a huge network in soils [17], transfer information between same or different plants [18], and secret GRSP with function of soil structure modification [19].
As the newest member of GRSP, Sesame Workshop has been charged with utilizing its expertise in evidence-based education to create content and distribute materials that will create positive behavior changes in road safety among young children and their families.
GRSP, a programme of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, works to bring together governments, businesses and civil societies together to address road safety issues in low- and middle-income countries.
Speaking at a two-day seminar in Muscat, the Global Road Safety Partnership (GRSP) took time to explain to TheWeek the necessity of having national plans to arrest the global growth in vehicle accidents.
One of the GRSP's first decisions was to request the UK's Transport Research Laboratory (TRL) to conduct the first comprehensive review of road safety world-wide.
The procedure for testing statistical causality between GRSP and GRNGP adopted here is the one-sided distributed lag test proposed by Granger (1969) which is commonly referred to as the (direct) Granger-causality test.(6) Generally, for a pair of linear covariance-stationary time series X and Y, Granger proposed the following operationally meaningful interpretation of X being causally related to Y: X causes Y if the past values of X can be used to predict Y more accurately than simply using the past values of Y.
Despite glomalin-related soil protein (GRSP) as a stable and persistent glycoprotein liked to arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi is highly correlated with aggregate stability of various soils, its characteristics in water-stable aggregate fractions and function with aggregate stability are not known.