GRSSGeoscience and Remote Sensing Society (IEEE)
GRSSGlobal Remote Sensing Solutions (Colorado Springs, CO)
GRSSGold River Secondary School (Canada)
GRSSGreen Road Secondary School (Malaysia)
GRSSGo Rhino Spring Step (truck accessory)
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Planes and Cargos were hired to transport them and their heavy armaments to the Seat of the TGoNU, while at the same time pressing the GRSS to demilitarize Juba (except for a sizable Presidential and VIPs guards) to a distance of 25km outside.
No item regulamentacao para GRSS, quando questionado se havia problemas quanto a aplicacao de regulamentacoes nacionais/ estaduais de GRSS, a resposta negativa do gestor administrativo com a anuencia do diretor contradiz as dificuldades normalmente associadas a adocao da RDC 306/04 relatadas por profissionais de saude e gestores noutras pesquisas.
Quebec, Canada) for acquiring and providing the data used in this study, the IEEE GRSS Image Analysis and Data Fusion Technical Committee and Dr.
The GRSS consisted of a self-administered questionnaire that was sent to all participant countries.
More critically, the GRSS has not taken the necessary measures to cement the already-sour bilateral relations with the Sudan in the light of comprehensive implementation of all the September 2012 cooperation agreements on borders, oil, trade, freedoms, banking, post-service benefits, pension, debts, assets, Abyei and viability.
Gianelle, "Tree species classification in the southern Alps with very high geometrical resolution multispectral and hyperspectral data", in IEEE GRSS Workshop Hyperspectral Image and Signal Process.
The very serious message he brought to Juba on Thursday is for the GRSS and SPLM/A-IO to:
While parties to the agreement have been at loggerhead since last year, therefore, the GRSS agrees to form "TGoNU" with its partners without amending the Transitional Constitution as the right of necessity.
It therefore becomes a point where members of SPLM -- IO in the NCAC raised their eyebrow by accusing the GRSS of violating the Agreement -- it's a stalemate and contentious issue which needs to be resolved.
Consistent with the agreements reached with the GRSS, the operation will benefit the Office of the Auditor General (OAG) and the following Departments in the MoFEP: i) the Accountant General; ii) Internal Audit; iii) Customs and Excise; andiv) the Aid Coordination and Management Unit (ACMU).
The GRSS continues to push for the endorsement of 28 states because it assumes this to be a popular decision that would never be revered by H.
However, it has been very strange as usual for the GRSS representatives to object to the progress of NCAC's duty on a lame duck excuse that they have not read and studied the ARCISS and should be given enough time to do so, when actually much time has already been wasted in vanity.