GRSVGroundnut Ringspot Virus
GRSVGoat Respiratory Syncytial Virus (veterinary science)
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Cabe mencionar que investigaciones realizadas por Boiteux y De Giordano (1993) encontraron que el mismo gen de resistencia al TSWV le confiere resistencia a GRSV y TCSV, lo cual nos hace ver la gran importancia de incorporar genes de especies silvestres emparentadas con el tomate.
This study was conducted to determine effectiveness of joint foliar applications of spiromesifen, Chenopodium ambrosioide compared to spinetoram in controlling common blossom thrips and its transmitted GRSV on pepper.
We observed GRSV infected plants in all treatment plots on the first sampling date (Table 6).
The mean numbers of GRSV infected plants in various insecticide treatments for first 3 sampling did not differ from the untreated control (Table 8).
schultzei it was still able to spread GRSV (Table 11) to pepper crop.