GRTAGeorgia Regional Transportation Authority
GRTAGruppo Ricerca Tecnologie Appropriate (Italian: Appropriate Technology Research Group; Cesena, Italy)
GRTAGas Rapid Thermal Anneal (heating method)
GRTAGeneral Refinery Turn Around (oil & gas industry)
GRTAGreenwich Riding and Trails Association (Greenwich, CT)
GRTAGrand Rapids Transit Authority
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Q) What tools and partners do you see GRTA using as it seeks to reduce Georgia's traffic and pollution challenges?
GRTA will have many partners as we try to find a way to continue economic growth without damaging our environment or our communities.
What steps do you see GRTA taking to reverse this trend, and can other states learn from your actions?
Q) As head of GRTA, what kinds of public policies will you support to promote the conservation and development of green infrastructure in communities?
The creation of GRTA strikingly illustrates the shift from business as usual in the Atlanta region.
ARC and GRTA have continued to adopt transportation programs and plans that call for spending hundreds of millions of dollars to increase highway capacity in the short term, and billions of dollars on highway projects in the long term.
211) Further, GRTA continues to be an entity with enormous potential to promote smarter growth and a more balanced approach to transportation.
Lockhard, supra note 170, at 176-77 (noting that GRTA was not established until after the well-publicized loss of $900 million in highway funds annually due to Atlanta's ineligibility for the funds under the Clean Air Act).
See Julie Hairston, GRTA Enacts Funding Authority: $4.
Questions regarding the RFP must be submitted to GRTA in writing (defined as being sent or received via letter on official firm/agency letterhead or by electronic mail) by 4:00 p.
Jordan, GRTA Procurement and Contracts Manager, at ljordan@grta.