GRTIGila River Telecommunications Inc.
GRTIGreat Rivers Technical Institute (Dumas, AR)
GRTIGuard and Reserve Training Institute (Military Child Education Coalition)
GRTIGeneralized Rayleigh-Taylor Instability
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For its aging demographic, GRTI implemented an Alert 1 program that is similar to the call-for-help Lifeline pendant, and it has supplied enhanced 911 service.
The authors acknowledge that their exploration of the GRTI for statin use represents a proof of principle requiring further development, yet the underlying methodologic assumptions are sufficiently constricting that the proposal may have limited utility.
Presumably, such examples of applications are what the authors have in mind, although, regrettably, they do not explicitly discuss the ramifications of the GRTI beyond the inference of prescribing thresholds.
In imagining the future of healthcare, access to medical-record data may ultimately be more useful, both for reviewing an individual's course of treatment and for understanding the population trends related to the clinical traits that are eligible for GRTI, than genotyping of a few common variants whose utility may be limited to imprecise estimates of the population trends alone.
2] Non-standard abbreviations: LDL-C, LDL cholesterol; GRTI, genotype ratio treatment index.
We then converted the observed GRTI back to an LDLc value, which represented the mean concentration threshold above which treatment was started in that group.
For example, the [epsilon]3/[epsilon]2 subgroup with CHD showed a statin GRTI of 0.
The GRTI would identify heterogeneities in treatments at the population level.