GRTNGestore Rete Trasmissione Nazionale (Italian: National Transmission Network Operator; electric power industry, Italy)
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In May 2004, the government decided on the unification of Terna with GRTN by October 2005.
In April 2004, the government requested GRTN to build a new transmission line between Italy and Switzerland that would allow an increase of electricity import capacity of around 1,300 MW, i.
The number of companies allowed to supply electricity in the system is 34 while there is a single purchaser (Acquirente Unico) that is responsible for delivering electricity through GRTN to lower-demand consumers, who are still constrained in the choice of the electricity supplier.
First, since the bids are closed one day in advance, GRTN is now in a position to better predict available supply for the following day.
The recipient companies are: DEPA (Greece); REE and Enagas (Spain); Gaz de France (France); GRTN (Italy); Svenska Kraftn"t (Sweden) and National Grid (United Kingdom).