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GRUGainesville Regional Utilities
GRUGlavnoye Razvedyvatelnoye Upravleniye (Soviet Military Int)
GRUGeriatric Rehabilitation Unit (various organizations; Canada)
GRUGraves Registration Unit (UK)
GRUSao Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil - Guarulhos (Airport Code)
GRUGroundwater Resource Unit
GRUGardner Research Unit (Japan)
GRUChief Intelligence Directorate of the Soviet General Staff
GRUGrid Reference Unit
GRUGloves of Running Urgently (gaming; Team Fortress 2)
GRUGround Replaceable Unit
GRUGeneral Resource Unit
GRUGeneral Research Use
GRUGuidance Regulator Unit
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GRU has agreed to terms with the owners of GREC to purchase the existing 102 MW facility for $750 million.
Spetsnaz GRU is probably the most famous of the Russian SOF.
The trials will be conducted under the supervision of GRU Cancer Center director and former chief of the Vaccines Section at the National Cancer Institute, Dr Samir Khleif.
Marques says the recent privatization of airports is allowing cargo development at GRU, following a period when "pure cargo" planes were diverted to Viracopos-Campinas International Airport in Campinas, Brazil.
Utiashvili said the Georgian suspects, who included military officers, air force pilots and local businessmen, had passed information on "military orders, the state of readiness and points of deployment" to GRU agents.
Today's decision by the PSC will allow us to move forward with plans to ensure GRU is able to deliver reliable, competitively priced electricity in an environmentally responsible manner now and in the future.
The documents Gouzenko brought with him showed that the GRU and NKVD had recruited hundreds of assets to penetrate all of the most sensitive posts and institutions in Canada, America, and Britain.
GRU will not fund a debt service reserve fund for the 2012 bond financing.
And it is feared that the GRU, the military intelligence wing of Russia's special forces, have been responsible for arming the separatists, who have been agitating to be part of a new Russian empire for nearly a decade.
DESPICABLE ME 2 (U) GRU (voiced by Steve Carell) has turned his back on skullduggery to live in unconventional domestic bliss with his girls, Margo (Miranda Cosgrove), Edith (Dana Gaier) and Agnes (Elsie Fisher).
This will aid collaboration between GRU airport operations and its multiple stakeholders, resulting in improved efficiency, speed and security at Latin America's busiest airport.
General Valentin Korabelnikov had been the head of the country's largest spy agency, known as the GRU, since 1997.