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GRUEGreat Underground Empire (Zork game)
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Supply chain issues have often been a challenge for the project, but this time luck was on Bloodhound's side: "We spent many weeks searching for these parts," says La Grue, "and in the end Thyssen Krupp came up trumps, finding what we needed in just the right size.
Then, the colour term 6506 [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] (hei/hac) should denote synchronically black, grue and yellow.
But his brother, Frank Grue, branded Lythgoe's seven-year sentence "disgraceful".
Grue argues that "a new regulatory strategy is needed," which would require toxicity analyses of any supposedly inert ingredients.
The remaining bean is called 'Grue' and this is ground to make cocoa paste.
There he toiled on what he called "grue and horror" films such as "The Undying Monster" (1942), but the popularity of "Laura" (1944) elevated his status.
The architectural labyrinth is closely associated with this gory consumption, and can effectively be read as an imagistic reinforcement of a cranes neck ("col d'une grue"), an anatomical feature which enhances gustatory and (metaphorically) sexual sensations.
13), I thought of Goodman's "grue" (Berghel didn't seem to need Goodman's complementary notion "bleen") as a mild analogy for dates in the Y2K problem; but I left it unwritten, believing it didn't provide more than a "hook" for saying the same thing over again (I thought the same about Goodman's original announcement of his notions).
We can see how the problem plays out by attempting to apply Akaike's theorem to choose between two hypotheses: the Grue hypothesis and the Green hypothesis.
Thus, for instance, Setswana (the main language of Botswana) has a basic term botala 'green or blue' (henceforth denoted by the shorthand 'grue') which includes GREEN and BLUE (Davies et al., 1992).