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GRUMPGlobal Rural-Urban Mapping Project
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The Christmas Grump allows scope for the Northern Stage team's trademark lo-fi entertainment, such as puppets, shadow play and old-school playthings.
Such mundane matters are usually relegated to footnotes, but Grump provides anecdotes that illustrate how much ingenuity was required to solve these forgotten problems.
But Professor Grump, now that you explained it, I know what you meant by the question.
As Grump continued through his quiet Advent preparations, he was joined by bee whom he grumpily welcomed and cared for.
Meanwhile this year's Northern Stage festive show for the undersixes is The Christmas Grump, inspired by Charles Dickens's A Christmas Carol.
His on-off girlfriend Annie (Andrea Lowe) is back on the case now as a working mum, as well as DI Helen Morton (Caroline Catz, moonlighting from that other grump, Doc Martin).
With Louisa (Caroline Katz) back at work after maternity leave, and realising how much of an anti-social grump everybody thinks her new husband is, she convinces him to attend the school concert where Martin (Martin Clunes, below) adopts a social convention and invites somebody over to dinner.
BEST COMEDY Jack Dee @ St David's Hall, Cardiff (Friday)| THE pope of mope, the duke of deadpan, the guv'nor of gloom - perennial grump Jack Dee is returning to the world of stand-up after along time away.
Sefton Park Lake was so peaceful, so calm, in my humble opinion It's now lost it's charm Once a lovely retreat to sit and reflect Just to gather one's thoughts The lake was perfect Now with all those pedalos Just money making toys Gone is the tranquility replaced sadly with noise No I'm not an old grump So don't get me wrong Just sink all the boats And give back the bird song Yes all the wild birds have disappeared from the lake By floating the boats Someone's made a mistake So give all the birds a chance To come back, especially the ducks I miss their Quack
If he's anything like me, he'll be a crotchety old grump until he's had a coffee, a bowl of Cheerios and a good old swear at the telly whenever Daybreak presenter Adrian Chiles appears.
It puts the grumpy doctor in a bigger grump than usual.
So as we end the year, even a self-confessed grump will join in and wish all a Happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year.