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GRUSGallagher and Robertson'S User System
GRUSGeorgia Rural Urban Summit
GRUSGreat Reservoir Uncertainty Study (Norway)
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UV Grus: B Filter data of UV Grus had high noise levels and has not been analysed.
Figure 3 depicts an O-C graph of UV Grus V Filter for the 2008 season using the authors period.
Following the acquisition Vendels Grus will be wholly owned by Peab Industri.
Perhaps the most famous object in Grus is the exceptional planetary nebula IC 5148/50, the only one in the constellation.
Sandahls Grus & Asfalt, based in Frolunda in Sweden, has an annual turnover of approximately SEK300m.
The rivalry between Spetsnaz and Agentura within the GRU is well known.
Super Furry Animals singer Gru Rhys - distantly related to Evans - has been obsessed with the explorer's story since he was a child.
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