GRWGhirardi-Rimini-Weber (quantum mathematics theory)
GRWGraciosa Island, Azores, Portugal (airport code)
GRWGreat Rail Wars (game)
GRWGiant Ragweed
GRWGeorgia Revenue Watch
GRWGang Rod Withdrawal
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In this paper we study spacelike hypersurfaces in a weighted generalized Robertson-Walker (GRW) space-times.
In "Building 1" and "Gazebo," the results of FMMR and GRW are stained.
In this paper we show that there exists a physical model of a family of time-dependent null horizons of GRW space-time which may evolve into a black hole event horizon.
GRW is focused on the demanding applications segment of the miniature ball bearings market, where low noise requirements, extreme temperatures, ultra-high speeds and/or caustic environments require both exceptional engineering design and continuous operating performance capabilities.
However, like other models on tax compliance, GRW consider the enforcement part but leave out the service part of the IRS activities.
Mae'r enwau'n cynnwys grw e p roc poblogaidd o''r gorffennol - Fay Ray - fydd yn lansio CD arbennig ar y diwrnod.
Addressing the members of Sialkot Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI) here on Friday, he said that Sahuwala power station (Oil) would generate 150-megawatt power, Eminabad Gulf Rental Power station (Oil) would produce 62 megawatt, Hub Power (Oil) (IPP) would generate 225 megawatt electricity, Tapal Rental power house Kamoki (Oil) 70 megawatt, Nandipur power station GENCO (Oil/Gas) 425 megawatt and Gulistan energy GRW (Oil) IPP would produce 200 megawatt electricity.
Three- and four-cylinder Yanmar 3TNV88, 4TNV88 and 4TNV98 diesels power the GRW 15Y, 25Y, 35Y and 50Y models.
QUODLIBETARY, JUP, FIZ, KEX, GRW (grow), VG (ug) and CWM can be found in the OED.
GRW Inc., a full-service engineering, architectural, planning and digital mapping firm, offers comprehensive technical expertise for all types of infrastructure design, from concept through construction, administration and inspection.
This company has made available two additional sizes of the Series GRW gripper.
A recent development from GRW Bearings -- Wurzburg, Germany, is a stainless steel alloy designed for the manufacture of small and miniature ball bearings.