GRWGhirardi-Rimini-Weber (quantum mathematics theory)
GRWGraciosa Island, Azores, Portugal (airport code)
GRWGreat Rail Wars (game)
GRWGiant Ragweed
GRWGeorgia Revenue Watch
GRWGang Rod Withdrawal
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In this paper we show that there exists a physical model of a family of time-dependent null horizons of GRW space-time which may evolve into a black hole event horizon.
GRW is focused on the demanding applications segment of the miniature ball bearings market, where low noise requirements, extreme temperatures, ultra-high speeds and/or caustic environments require both exceptional engineering design and continuous operating performance capabilities.
However, like other models on tax compliance, GRW consider the enforcement part but leave out the service part of the IRS activities.
HUK (early form of `huke', a hooded cape), JOP (dialectic for `jaup', to splash), GRW (15th century form of `grow'), SYN (early form of `sin'), VMH (see 1614 quote under `[dagger]umh, um'h') and PWN (obsolete Scots for `pun') are all in the OED.
For the new USP and Satellite Camp facility in McCreary County, GRW and its team members, KMD Justice and Caddell Construction, are in charge of the design/build process for this 650,000-square-foot facility that is designed to house 1,208 inmates.
Historically, GRW has used 440 stainless steel as its standard material in developing corrosion-resistant miniature and instrument ball bearings.
Such a move, for example, is required by the GRW theory of quantum mechanics.
It is planned to implement the project with funding from the GRW funding program.
The company recently expanded its generator offering with the new GRW series, a four-model lineup rated 14 to 42 kW.
The new bearings are developed and produced by GRW Bearings of Wurzburg, Germany, and are available exclusively in North America through AST Bearings.
In business terms, this is a licence any serious commercial radio concern would want,' said Mr Ian Rufus, group radio development director of GRW, the big radio group behind The Storm.
The GRW account requires there to be macroscopic changes in the position of something, and Albert argues that not all measurements involve this.