GRWRGraft Volume/Recipient Body Weight Ratio
GRWRGraft/Recipient's Body Weight Ratio
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Elderly recipients may had a worse response to anti-infection therapy once they were admitted to ICU after LT and may suffer an increased incidence of malignancies.[44],[45] GRWR and MELD score were not identified as risk factors in univariate and multivariate analyses possibly because of the small sample size.
The graft-to-recipient weight ratios (GRWR) were above 0.8, ranged from a minimum of 0.84 to 1.9 (mean 1.09525 + 0.21).
Recipients data (40 patients) Age Mean 47.325 + SD 8.6362 Weight Mean 78.2 + SD 12.20593 MELD score Mean 16.3 + SD 4.40396 GRWR Mean 1.09525 + SD 0.21211 Table 3: Indication for liver transplant.