GRWSGreat-West Retirement Services (financial services)
GRWSGaseous Radioactive Waste System
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The eight treatments were: 7% ground wheat straw (GRWS) with dry rolled corn (DRC); 7% pelleted wheat straw (PEWS) with DRC; 14% GRWS with DRC; 14% PEWS with DRC; 7% GRWS with SFC; 7% PEWS with SFC; 14% GRWS with SFC; 14% PEWS with SFC.
Thus, with GRWS, increasing the inclusion rate resulted in an anticipated increase in ruminal pH (Zinn et al.
02) for ground than for PEWS diets, possibly reflecting a tendency for greater ruminal retention time for diets containing GRWS (Mertens and Ely, 1979).