GRWTGross Weight
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Bi] denotes the decomposition coefficients of image A and B respectively, based on GRWT, in scale i.
For the proposed GRWT based fusion method, when the order of Riesz transform is 1, and the decomposition level is 4, it gains a better fusion performance in our experiments.
It can be seen that GRWT based method can construct a more complete representation of the perceived scene than other fusion methods.
GRWT based fusion method can make a balance between the fusion performance and computation requirement.
In summary, the fusion performance, obtained by GRWT based method, demonstrated that its fusion pattern can capture and select natural structural information or low-level features, and complete a better fusion performance improvement.
8, it can be seen that GRWT based fusion method contains more salient or details than other fusion methods.
It can be seen again that GRWT based method outperforms other fusion methods in term of five objective fusion indexes.
The numerical results, based on Table 2, Table 3 and Table 4, also specified that GRWT based method not only keeps the contrast of the input images, but it also preserves the spatial consistency of contour, gradient and texture.