GSALGrammar School at Leeds (Leeds, England, UK)
GSALGiant Scale Aerobatic List
GSALGraduate Student-at-Large (education)
GSALGulf States Auto Leasing (Florida)
GSALGulf Shore Animal League (Bradenton, FL; shelter)
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The mean results obtained by GSAF, GSAT and GSAR, GSAL are compared the mean results of basic GSA and these results are presented in Table 4 for unimodal test functions, Table 5 for multimodal functions and Table 6 for the multimodal test functions with fix dimension.
Dpal grub pa'i dbang phyug chen pol cags zam pa thang stong rgyal po'i rnam par thar pa ngo tshar kun gsal me longgsarpa.
Year 8 pupils from Benton Park School in Rawdon, Lawnswood School, David Young Community Academy and GSAL took part in the day.
At the recent Yorkshire launch hosted by GSAL, the students enjoyed a taste of the challenges they might face during the scheme.
90 contains an anachronism: when sPa btsun Nyi ma 'bum gsal advised Khyung sprul, "true to his name", on proposed pilgrimage itineraries, Khyung sprul was not yet named thus.
XII, for the biography of Shakya Ye shes, quoting Tshe mchog yongs 'dzin's 18th-century biography, Phrin las sna tshogs la mkhas shing gsal ba/ chos nyis dam pa mchog tu rgyal ba/shes rab rnam dag snang ba chen po /kun tu khyab cing/ royal khams skyobspa / bstan pa rgyas mdzad tab lu dge ba/ byams then chos kyi rgyal po, which specifies Guhyasamaja, Hevajra, Samvara, Kalachakra and Vairabhairava as the principal mandala initiations given to Cheng zu at this time.
"Chum rJe Kun mKhyen Chen Po'i rNam Thar gSal sGron Gyi rNam Gras dge Legs Chen Po Nor Bui' Phreng Ba." In `Dzam-Thang Edition of the Collected Works (Gsung-'Gum) of Kun-mKhyen Dolpopa Sherab rGyal mTsen.
Skye ba snga phyi'i rnam gzhag srid pa gsal ba'i me long.
A Fourteenth-Century Historical Work: The Rgyal rabs gsal ba 'i me long.
When I opened it, it was the first version of Buton's sgron gsal bshad sbyar mtha' drug gsal ba, commentary on the Chandrakirti's Pradipoddyotana.
Terrone provides a detailed analysis of the lives of two such treasure revealers, the celibate monk Grub dbang lung rtogs rgyal mtshan and the married Tantric practitioner Bde chen 'od gsal rdo rje.