GSAPGreenSock Animation Platform (JavaScript library)
GSAPGrid Service Access Point
GSAPGeneral Structure Analysis Package
GSAPGraduate School of Architecture Planning (Columbia University)
GSAPGreen Star Accredited Professional (Australia and New Zealand)
GSAPGun Sight Aiming Point
GSAPGrid Services Access Point (Genesys proprietary, binary protocol to eliminate the overhead imposed by SOAP messages)
GSAPGlobal Strategic Alliance Program (Thinksoft)
GSAPGreek Standards and Assessment Program
GSAPGeneral-Purpose Sample Analysis Processor
GSAPGenome Sequencing & Analysis Program
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At the end of the same year, PHC management positions were once again restructured at the local level, with the termination of Health Center Management (GCS) and ESF Management (GESF), unified under Primary Care Services Management (GSAPS)--DODF No.
saprophilum Lange-Bertalot and Reichardt (GSAP) were associated with the November 2008 sampling period (C3), with lower phosphorus availability (even though November 2008 did not have the lowest phosphorus levels), and with low rainfall.
Earlier they discovered a previously unknown protein, Gamma Secretase Activating Protein (GSAP) that regulates the formation of beta amyloid in the brain without interfering with other life processes.
"The DRC can therefore change its Generator Site Access Permit (GSAP) program, with Radiation Control Board approval, to provide the ability to verify a sample of containerized waste classification at a generator's facility before shipment to Utah."
The draft of GSAP on IPI had been finalised during the round of talks between Iran and Pakistan here in Islamabad, but it has not been signed so far.